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Crochet Information - Free Pattern


When I was just a young girl, my older neighbor lady friend taught me how to crochet.
I then made my first project.... A granny square afghan! I still have that afghan today. 

My mother crocheted a lot and made many afghans for me and baby clothes.

She also was a very gifted woman when it came to sewing and needlework.

                                                           Thank God for Mothers!

Here I will suggest some links for you to go to so you also may learn how to crochet!
I have found so many free patterns out there in cyber - land!!!

I will also post some pictures of projects that I have made and when ever I have used a pattern IN IT'S FULLNESS. WITH NO CORRECTIONS NEEDED ON MY PART....I will also post the credit of where I got the Pattern from so You may also visit the website where I got it from..and use their pattern....

I have found the need in some cases to alter a pattern to suit my needs..because I could not follow their directions as they stated them.. therefore it ceases in my case to be 'their pattern.' .. If I could not follow it completely.

I will state and give credit to those patterns that I have used completely..with no issues.

I want you to be blessed and not troubled with learning how to crochet. It is a very healthy and relaxing activity that allows you to pray as you work.  I so much enjoy this!


This is one of my recent projects: A Baby blanket with crocheted Butterflies.

The blanket is rows of simple Half Double Crochet stitch





how to crochet the butterflies on this you-tube video




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Recommended websites:







Free Crochet Pattern!


Here is a pattern of my own design for a Baby Blanket that I made for my great granddaughter.

This is the beginning and I will then add the border directions a soon as I have them typed up.


My Simple Crocheted Baby Blanket – Jean Tierney - My Own Design

This is my own pattern for a baby blanket that I made for my great granddaughter Mina. I wanted it to be simple but have something unique in the way of stripes made by occasional rows of 'open stitches'. The body is made with rows of double crochet stitches (dch) and chain stitches (ch).


For the border I used half double crochet (hdch) stitches first as a baseline all around, then
I used a shell pattern also using double crochet stitches. If you need any help please contact me. I will be happy to assist, as it is my pattern. Also I am interested in your feedback in how well I wrote the pattern. I used a larger size hook , a J, because I tend to be a “tight” style crocheter. The finished size including the border is about 30” X 33”.


For this blanket I used a “J ” hook

cotton yarn 6 – 3 oz balls of sugar and cream for a total of 18 oz.
The body of the pattern consists of 5 rows of double crochet, then one row of
'open stitches', then 5 more rows of double crochet, and I repeat this pattern of rows until width is the size I want, which in this case was square. I also give instructions for the border.

I begin with a chain of 107
because I need an 'even' number of stitches (106) then I add one more chain
to make a total of 107 for this pattern to work out properly on the 6th “open stitich row”. I wanted to have that open stitch row to be consistent with a double crochet on each end.

Chain 107.
Row 1.
dch in the 4th chain from the hook and across in each chain you should now have (104) stitches. Chain 2, turn your work.
Row 2.
dch in each stitch across (104) stitches chain 2 turn.
Rows 3 through 5
repeat row 2 except ending with a chain 3 this time. (104) stitches
Turn your work

Row 6 This is your 'open stitches' row.
Skip first stitch, dch in the next stitch, chain (ch) 1, skip one stitch, dch in the next stitch. Continue in this way across this row until you come to the end and end with a dch in the last stitch. You will have (105) total stitches in this row which includes the 53 dch and the 52 spaces that you made. Yes this is correct not a typo. It has to be this way to give you your 'end' dch to look right.
Now chain 2 and turn.

Row 7
dch in first stitch, dch in the first space made (ch 1 space) in previous row. Dch in the top of the dch made, dch in the next space made. Continue across row. Ending with a dch in the last (chain one space) made in previous row.
Remember to dch in the top of the dch made before this last space. Chain 2 turn your work you should now have ( 104 ) stitches.

Rows 8 through 11 which will complete the 5 solid row stitch row sequence.
Repeat row 7.
Remember to end row 11 with a chain 3 before you turn your work to prepare for your 'open stitch' row

Row 12 should now be your next 'open stitch' row. Just follow the directions for row 6

I keep this pattern going until the blanket is as square or oblong as I want it to be. Then I finish and end off my yarn on last solid stitch row. I will now give directions for the border.

Begin border:
I used Half Double crochet for my first border as a baseline.
You can start at one of the corners as I did, and work the corners as such:
Work 2 hdch, chain 2, 2 hdch in first corner, then evenly space hdch along the edge till you come to a corner. When you come to the next corner work as you did the first corner. Again hdch along edge till you come to the next corner. Continue working around the blanket till you come to the end and either finish off your yarn, or add another row like I did of the special shell stitch to make a pretty scalloped edge.

Final edging for border:
You decide whether you want to begin at a corner or on a side. I started at a corner to work my shell stitch. I will explain the shell stitch directions and you decide your spacing of this as you how you want your corners to look. Of course the sides will have evenly spaced shell stitches. How to make a row of the shell stitch is as follows:

Start with a chain 1 to attach yarn, and single crochet (sc) in same stitch.
Skip 2 stitches, make 5 dch in the next stitch, ( shell made ) skip 2 stitches,
single crochet (sc) in the next stitch.
Repeat this process to work around your blanket.

This concludes my pattern enjoy!




3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth."

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