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                My Handcrafted Skin Care Items


                      I greatly enjoy making skin care products that are good

and healthy for you!

                   Below you will see a product line that I have to offer with prices.


              You can purchase ALL these Skin Care items listed here below

      by  first accessing my Face Book page called

                Healthy Skin Care Products by Mama Jean's Good For You

            then message me to arrange a time and place to meet

           Many thanks for shopping!





Shea & Sesame Body Butter  -  made with Shea Butter and Sesame Oil

If you choose No scent added, You have just the mild 'nutty' natural scent of unrefined Shea butter, which does not interfere with your cologne, as it quickly dissipates. This body butter is whipped up to be light and easy to apply. Light and rich. Use just a very small amount the size of a pea. A little goes a long way! Absorbs into your skin quickly and is full of skin vitamins that naturally occur in both Shea butter and Sesame Oil!
Scent choices: Almond, Coconut, Honeysuckle Floral Blend, Jasmine Floral Blend, No scent added 

 4 ounce glass jar  $8.00 plus shipping and handling  IF we cannot meet somewhere to hand deliver.

   Soaps By Jean Tierney

My Glycerin Soaps are made with only healthy, quality ingredients and will last longer when put on a drain type soap tray. This soap lathers up nice yet rinses off easily leaving your skin feeling clean and soft, not tight.

Fragrances are, Almond, Coconut, Honeysuckle Floral Blend, Jasmine Floral Blend, and No scent added

Large 6 ounce bar for $6  plus  Shipping and Handling If we cannot meet somewhere to hand deliver





Oat/Honey/Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

 Made to order, this scrub is very popular as it is a gentle exfoliate that leaves your skin feeling so very very soft!

A little goes a long way. All these ingredients have healthy properties for the skin. No preservatives, please use a clean dry hand when you dip into this jar as water will cause spoilage. I take out what's needed and transfer to a paper cup and take that cup into the shower with me. This will not spoil if you use a clean dry hand. :0)  

 4 ounce Glass Jar  $6.00 plus  Shipping and Handling If we cannot meet somewhere to hand deliver


Foot Soak Fizzies

Many satisfied customers. Aroma Therapy for your feet!

Only 1 heart shaped fizzy per soak in warm water and your feet will thank you

Scent choices: Almond, Coconut, Lavender, Honeysuckle Floral Blend, Jasmine Floral Blend

1 - Package of 4 heart shaped Fizzies  $5 plus Shipping and Handling if

we cannot meet somewhere to hand deliver






The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

Over 10 years ago I learned about the many benefits of using virgin quality coconut oil to both cook with and also to use as a skin moisturizer.

 Here is a website to check out as this is where I have purchased mine by the gallon. Now you can buy the same great quality  Coconut Oil from the Philippines from Bj's or Sam's  buying Clubs


 also for additional information regarding benefits of using coconut oil:


Recently, I've become aware of the health benefits of Shea Butter and Sesame Oil for Skin care. they are just full of skin vitamins!


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